Hey, I'm Oz. I'm 19, a flaming lesbian,
and a creative writing major with what
we think is some bipolar disorder.
Expect lots of rants and nerdy stuff.

Fandoms include but aren't limited to:
- Welcome to Nightvale
-Young Avengers
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Vex made me, whoops.  So yeah, desktop meme thing.  Doesn’t really capture the annoyingness of my shimejis, all jostling around and macking on eachother.  Anyways, I would tag Ruby, (who drew my background ^.^ ) but I only have her rp blog (ask-treekat) so I won’t.  Instead, I’ll tag Beee~ even though I doubt she’ll do it. theoptamisticexsistentialist

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This is your more-or-less daily reminder that sex is physically painful for some people with vaginas, and this is sometimes because of inconsiderate/inept partners or lack of education, and sometimes really not.

Things that can cause this include: endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, ovarian cysts, vaginismus, vulvar vesitubulitis, scar tissue, low estrogen, various infections, and many more factors.

It’s important to say “if sex hurts, this is a legitimate problem and there are things you can do about it” as part of sex ed, but increasingly I see this being oversimplified into “sex should never hurt if you use enough patience and lube,” and that’s really not an okay simplification to make.  It makes this into a sexual performance issue (or even a political one) when it may well be a medical issue.

Patience and lube are definitely the first things to try—hell, you should probably try them even if things don’t hurt, they’re pretty awesome—but could everybody please stop spreading this misinformation that underpreparation is the only reason sex could possibly hurt?

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I feel so bad for Andrew Hussie. He wrote all this stuff about Trolls having things called nooks and bone bulges and seed flaps and jizzing into buckets and mixing it all together into an “incestuous slurry” and bascially trying to make their sexual habits sound as unattractive as possible in what I assume was an attempt to get us to not make boatloads of Homestuck porn and instead we were just like


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Young Avengers feels man, Young Avengers feels.  That’s right, Space Oddity updated, and I am an emotional titspirring wreck over it.

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The Witch’s Son by ~Auroaronkitten

I like this a lot.

You always see things like the witch’s daughter. This is more interesting to me, since it’s rarely done!

Holy details, wow. WOW.

is he bleeding out a fairy?

Yeah he is!

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I really hate rping with other Karkats.  There’s so much pressure.  More so than with other characters.  And you both feel it, and there’s the need to come up with more convoluted insults and more complex metaphors than you would with another character, and you both forget that a lot of what kk says is short and direct too.  It gets to the point where I feel like if I rp my kk as himself, I’m breaking from canon Karkat.  But then again, my kk isn’t cannon.  I’m probably being silly, but I know some other Karkat muns do it too.

All this being said, Karkat mun’s are normally good writers, and that makes it all a lot more fun.  After all, some of the best interactions are from Karkat on Karkat battles. 

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Hello :D if you’re interested in finding more queer characters in today’s media (including tv shows, movies, video games, graphic novels and books), come check out our new blog. Emphasis on the NEW because we only created it yesterday, we’re still working out the kinks and sorting things out but we’d love to have you.

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I know Attack on Titan.  I have watched all before.  So why am I getting choked up over character deaths I know aren’t permanent.  I’m not even attacked to most of these characters.  Just Armin.  Armin is my precious bby and must be protected at all costs.

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I forgot just how scary Attack on Titan is for a wimp like me.  Remind me why I’m re-watching this again.